Aims of Advancing Access
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Aims of Advancing Access

Advancing Access is a partnership between 24 leading universities working with schools and colleges to support students' progression to leading universities. We  provide high-quality resources to help you guide learners who are making their key stage 4, key stage 5 and university choices. 

We want to help more learners, particularly those from under-represented groups, to go on to study at leading universities. We aim to do this by providing teachers and advisers with information and support to improve their understanding of what these universities are looking for and how the admission process works.  

The universities involved with Advancing Access already offer a wide range of opportunities for teachers and advisers to hear first-hand from university staff and students on campus and in classrooms. See our page on working with schools and colleges to find out more.

We want to build on this existing provision by providing an easy-to-access, free online platform that will enable school and college staff to obtain information and advice whenever they need it.