Request a CPD session at your school or college
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Request a CPD session at your school or college

CPD sessions in schools and colleges

We are able to deliver CPD sessions in state schools and colleges in locations across the country. We can’t guarantee that we can say yes to every request, but if you’d like us to deliver a session at your school or college then why not contact us to see if we can fit you in? We never charge for CPD sessions.

When you contact us we will be able to have a conversation about how one of our CPD sessions might best fit your needs. We’re happy to tailor our session to your requirements, but here is an indication of some of the topics which we typically cover:

> How to support your students with personal statement writing
> Writing effective UCAS references
> Supporting students in making Key Stage 5 qualification and subject choices
> Higher education update
> Supporting students to choose a university and course
> Understanding ‘Contextual admissions‘ policies
> Supporting students to prepare for interviews and additional admissions tests

To make the travel worth our while, we like to ideally work with groups of 10 or more. We also encourage you where possible to invite along other teachers from neighbouring schools and colleges to join in. We’re also happy to come and speak at teacher networking events.


We’ve answered some more of your frequently asked questions below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Sorry – we only offer this particular service to state schools.

Ask us and we can tell you! If we have expertise on that topic we will be willing to help.

We can do either. Sometimes we can take part in a “Twilight” after school session you have scheduled, or we can come and see you earlier in the day.

There is no maximum as such, but bear in mind that typically only one member of our staff will deliver the session.

We can tailor timings to meet your requirements. A typical session would last up to two hours.