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How we work with teachers and advisers

We want to ensure that Advancing Access resources and training are beneficial to the teachers and advisers we support. To achieve this, we are involving school staff in every step of the programme.

The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring are evaluating the impact of Advancing Access. We would be grateful for any feedback you can provide on our resources. To get involved, you simply need to complete a quick survey here.

Development phase

While developing Advancing Access, we visited schools and colleges to find out more about what continuing professional development (CPD) is available, where the gaps in information are, and what extra support we could offer. 

In particular, we wanted to understand how those currently providing information and guidance (IAG) relating to key stage 4, key stage 5 and post-18 decision-making are supported by professional development.

The CPD strands we have developed are a direct result of these conversations.


We have commissioned independent researchers (the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) to evaluate our programme, so we can continue to learn about the experiences of school and college staff. We want to understand how CPD of this kind can support students' progression to leading universities and whether the existing strands contain the right information.

Evaluation will involve online surveying, telephone interviews and observations in schools and colleges.

We are keen to work with as many schools and colleges as possible in this evaluation. We particularly value input from schools and colleges that traditionally send fewer applicants to leading universities. 

If you would like to find out more, please contact

Collectively, our university partners have enormous reach. Staff and students participate in a wide range of projects with thousands of teachers and young people in schools and colleges across the UK. 

Our university partners are committed to working closely with teachers and advisers to support CPD in schools and colleges. Many deliver annual conferences which provide information and advice on their admissions processes. Some also offer twilight workshops, events focused on particular academic subjects and the opportunity to attend residential events. Visit our University CPD events page to find out more.

Each of our university partners delivers a variety of outreach programmes for different age ranges, from primary school pupils through to mature learners. Activities include summer schools, subject taster sessions, campus visits, mentoring and application support. Many also deliver talks and workshops in local schools and colleges. The Russell Group report, Opening Doors, provides examples of what these universities are doing to support students.

To find out more about the activities available, visit the individual university outreach pages listed on our Leading universities page.